Kid Nation

  1. Anyone watch this new series that started on CBS last nite? It was too cute! DH and I were giggling the whole time. Although, I got a little teary eyed for the homesick kids :sad: I'm still trying to figure out who would be alright with their kids leaving for 40 days? :confused1:
  2. I saw a commercial for this the other day, but forgot to watch it. I'd have LOVED that when I was a kid. hah. Does CBS rerun shows?
  3. No I checked :sad:
    It says it's not on again until next week's new episode.
    Maybe their website has a way that you can watch it?
  4. I'm pretty sure you can watch it on When I miss episodes of Big Brother, I sometimes watch it there. I thought the show was cute. The little girl who won the gold star got on my nerves though. I especially hated that 15 year old kid who vandalized the place. UGH.
  5. UGH! My thoughts exactly! I was like they better not give Sophia the star... and they did!! There were so many others who deserved it. I'm like "She was dancing for money, WTF?" haha. And that boy? Such a bully huh!
  6. i found parts of it annoying.. when everyone running around screaming... eek screaming kids!!!!!!!

    the show will probably suck me in tho. i already have it set on my DVR as a series recording
  7. i watched it was cute

    the sophia girl did get on my nerves too...she was a little to 'take charge' she wasnt even in the kitchen group and she was telling them to wash the dishes...i was thinking to myself why does she care!? lol

    that 14 year old guy is so the typical trouble making boy! lol

    i thought the young leader, i can't remember her name, was SOO cute!
  8. I caught this, I thought it was cute. I already set my DVR to record it every week!
  9. My thoughts exactly. I'm not sure I would give my child the okay to be on a reality show....

    I missed this show, but I guess I'll catch a rerun (the episodes ARE on
  10. I wish reality TV was off television---I mean what is left to show?????? One is worse than the other but I guess people watch it so they keep doing more. I don't watch a lot of TV so I will pass on this one.
  11. I watched this with my 7-year-old and she loved it! It's basically Survivor with little kids!