*Kicks Ebay*

  1. Grr, I spent $14 to list an item yesterday, I specifically checked that I would ship to the US, UK and Canada ONLY... so this morning i get questions from buyers in Greece and France on how much it would be to ship to them and I make a fool of myself and tell them that as stated in my auction I don't ship outside UK US and Canada, only to find out that eBay somehow didn't agree with me when I listed and was saying I shipped worldwide.

    I went to live help and well they weren't any help, their solution was to end it and relist, so I did and will lose $10 of the listing cost of the first listing! And I have to wait another 8 to 12 hours for my listing to show up again!

    /end rant
  2. Wow, that sucks. I thought you could modify your auction including what countries you will ship to? Ugh, what a pain. Maybe you can email customer service and get that $10 back.
  3. They told me all I'd get back is the insertion fee IF it sells. I tried modifying, went to live help in the hopes they could do it for me :shrugs: Guess not!

    BTW, love your kitty! I have a white one just like that :love:
  4. oh that sucks! eBay is such a pain!
  5. I've been having a difficult time lately getting my ship-to locations to take too, and while I only want to ship to a few countries, I had to select Worldwide to get ANY to take. Very frustrating!