kicking question!!

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  1. Hey girls! I am 29 weeks pregnant with my first, so naturally I freak out about the tiniest things! Some days my little man kicks like crazy, and I feel him move constantly, and then there are days like today where I only feel him once or twice every few hours. Is this normal? I've asked my doctor about it and she said it may be the way he is lying, or he may be having a sleepy day. It still worries me either way, I wish I didn't worry so much....
  2. That's totally normal. You'd need to worry if you feel nothing at all. You can also do kick counts- drink some OJ or some other kind of juice, then lie down and count how long it takes to feel 10 kicks. Normally you feel them way faster than 2 hours, but if you don't get 10 kicks in 2 hours you need to call your doctor.
  3. Its such a worrying time if you are a worrier..! My first never really kicked that much due to the placenta lying in front of her my 2nd never stopped and my third was half way in long as you are feeling 10 movements you should be fine,have a cke or something sugary and have a lie down...
  4. no worries at all :biggrin: that is very normal and my lil girl is the same way. some days she moves so much I think she must be hyper lol other days hardly a thing or very faint movements. When they face the back you will not feel it as much or if you have an anterior placenta you will not always feel it.

  5. ^^ yup they are all correct...and my lil girl is the same. sometimes i can see my belly moving with her kung fu [what it feels] and then other days not so much action.
  6. Thanks, girls I know y'all would make me feel better!!

    Sometimes I don't feel kicks, but more like vibrations....could that be if he is facing my back?
  7. Maybe. If you feel lots of little bumps and rolling in front, then he is probably posterior, you don't feel that when their spine is away from yours. Go check out the Spinning Babies website!
  8. This is totally normal. They do have periods of rest and you will feel less kicking and more rolling and bigger movements as the baby gets bigger and has less room to move around.
  9. Sometimes gulping down ice cold water or a fizzy drink helps. If you know what irritates baby, do it.

    For me it's lying on my back for like 5 seconds and baby will start kicking like crazy.
    Also lying on my side with my knees tucked into my chest as far in as possible, baby will run out of space and react violently. Thankfully I don't have to do this unless daddy wants to play.
  10. My daughter kicked like crazy when I was sleeping and lying on my side. But when I was walking, not much movement at all. Since I had to keep a "kicking journal," I saw that she tended to kick more in the evening than during the day, while I was asleep.

    I wouldn't worry and as someone said, as long as you're feeling something, that's a good sign. And it sounds like your doctor isn't concerned about it, so don't worry (easier said than done, I know).
  11. Yes, it's perfectly normal. It's when you feel NO movement for a long period of time that you should worry a little bit. This happened to me once on a trip to NY. The baby didn't move all day so we called the doc. They told me to consume some sugar and jump around (literally). I did and she finally started kicking again. So many things to worry about...
  12. As long as you are feeling movement every few hours or so everything is fine... don't stress! I have also heard of some mommies eating candy or something spicy to get the baby to move. I used to just jump!