Kicking myself Magenta 05 First BBag

  1. i'm just so made with myself..i saw this Magenta 05 First BBag on xxx minutes ago and seller was xxx, i wrote her a message asking something and came back and that bag was gone!

    just kicking myself i shouldn't have waited ... should have clicked buy it now and it should have been mine!

    really looking for that colour and of course First Classique one..........grrrrrrrrrrr
  2. Ah Benzie, I am sorry to hear that.

    But honestly, I believe everything happens for a reason and that you will find the perfect bag soon :heart:
  3. You learned the hard way that buy-it-nows on rare Balenciagas don't last long, especially if the price is right. On the other hand, you have to be super careful to avoid jumping the gun and ending up with a fake.
  4. yes i was busy putting that link up on purse forum and was waiting for someone to confirm if it was genuine or not...but then was too late.

    oh well...........just have to let it go
  5. ITA Benzie - Your bag is still somewhere out there. Just be patient ;)
  6. I'm sure you'll find HER. The perfect one is coming :smile:
  7. oh so sorry to hear that! I know exactly how you feel coz I just missed out on something this morning too! been kicking myself ever since! but I always do the "it was not meant to be" speech to comfort myself! keep positive and you'll find her! good luck!
  8. I'm sure you'll find another one :smile: !!!
    Good luck with your HG quest !
  9. AWW.. Benzie... it probably means there something better out there for you.. just waiting for you to snatch it up. No worries :okay:
  10. Thanks everyone for cheering me's not meant to be.
    Now i'm just waiting if i will get any good news with Violet ;);)
  11. And Benzie also just think of the new Magenta coming soon! If the new season leather is anything to go by, it could be wonderully smooshy *and* you'll get a pristine brand new bag in *any* style you like! (Well, except the discontinued ones. This morning I was imagining my dream shape of bag and wondering how Nicholas [SIZE=-1]Ghesquière would react to a begging letter complete with pictures and sketches)