Kicked off wait list?

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  1. I'm on the wait list at the local LV for the Watercolor Speedy 35, and they told me that if I tried to wait list anywhere else that it would kick me out of the system. Is that true?

    Is it just an LV system, or if I go to a local Saks LV boutique, will it register?

    I must have this bag!! :yahoo:
  2. i haven't heard this before. there are members here who waitlist at a few stores to be sure they get what they want without paying for the item first.

    if you are 100% sure you're going to get the watercolor speedy, then you might as well charge your card when it arrives. this ensures that you receive a bag at launch.
  3. Yes, LV is getting very strict. My SA (she's a manager) told me that there are customers who wl (waitlist)everywhere and it messes LV up when it come to distribution into the stores. She said those that try to do this mess it up for others on the wl too. I learned the hard way (this is before I knew it was a no, no) and had 2 bags shipped to me, for LV used a credit card that was on file for me with my last purchase in their system. I had to pay to ship one of them back myself and this is when it was explained to me that its a no, no and that it messes things up for others that are waitlisted correctly. If you want to be assured of getting one, you need to waitlist at a single store and make it one of the larger LV free-standing boutiques. You also want to give your credit card to them and tell them to ring it up when it comes in, this way they are certain to give one to you. LV is realling cracking down on double and triple waitlisting, they now can put the waitlisting in their system (just as they can purcahses) so that any boutique can retrieve this information. I understand that there were some removed off the waitlist for the Mirage when it came out because of this very reason.
  4. Hmm...that's interesting to know. I am also w/l. Although only at one boutique for my Watercolor Speedy 35. BUT, at two different ones for my Aquarelle Exotic. I'll have to call and make sure I don't get bumped.
    Thanks for the possible heads up BunnyNole!
  5. I always WL at multiple stores, and I have never experienced a problem. Of course, once I get the item, I try to call up the other stores and take my name off their WL so they don't have to waste their time and call me.
  6. Maybe thats why I never got a call back for the hearts
  7. Never heard of it but most waiting lists seem to be just written on paper so there's not computer to tell and kick you off also they don't take CC's in Europe so no risk of being charged twice
  8. I was told this as well.
  9. I didn't get a callback for the hearts either: When I called today they said I was "too far down" the waitlist. :wtf: Since I had the cash saved up, I bought the Damier Azur pochette instead, lol.
  10. According to my SA, there is no computerized national waiting list system.
    The stores individually take down names and numbers on a spread sheet and call down the list.
  11. I am waitlisted at two stores for the watercolour speedy but was told nothing about not waitlisting at more than one shop. From what I have seen here, the WL is just collected on paper... I have done the same with other bags I have wanted and have never had any issues although when I get the bag, I remove myself from the other WL.
  12. my SA said that there is only 1 waitlist for ALL LV's but I know she was a crock of sh!t and just didnt want me waitlisting anywhere I called other LV's and waitlisted anyway..
  13. At Saks LV they IF you give them the card when you join the list they do make an official record. My SA said that if you don't give them the card so they can charge you upon the bags arrival then you get put on some OTHER type of list that may or may not get a bag.
  14. That sounds really weird. That certainly wasn't true for me. I waitlisted for the silver cosmetic case at 3 different stores (two of them I gave my CC#, the other one, which was at a Saks, didn't even ask for it). None of the SAs at any of the stores said anything about how I could only waitlist at one store or anything. The first boutique that called me, I went and picked it up (they had already charged my CC). The other two ended up calling me later, telling me that they had gotten it in. I just told them I already gotten it at another store, so never mind, and they were like ok, fine, and that extra charge was immed. taken off my CC.

    So yeah, the rumour that there is just 1 waitlist for all LV's is definitely BS! i was on 3 waitlists at the same time, i could have gotten 3 miroir cosmetic cases if i had wanted to! lol
  15. Yes, it use to be written down in front of the customer and kept in a log, now its computerized in most all stores and the bags in many cases are being shipped from the distribution center to either the customer's store or to the customer's home.