Kicked my husband out....

  1. of bed last night and I feel so guilty!!!:cry: After 4 straight nights of little sleep- I just lost it when he started that train whistle/ chainsaw he calls 'light snoring'. He got up in a huff and went to the guest room for the rest of the night. He isn't speaking to me today and I feel terrible. :sad:

    What do you do when your partner's snoring is keeping you up?
  2. I pinch his nose ..hard...when he snores..scares the crap out of him..amazing how it never happens again..LOL
  3. ^^ he doesn't get mad?
  4. sent him to a doc to get it fixed.
  5. ^no.....I just threaten to go shopping the next am with no sleep..then he shuts up..LOL
  6. i kick him...hard :roflmfao:.......then fall asleep for the 2 seconds that he stops....then he starts again....another kick.....then after a few seconds the INCREDIBLY LOUD snoring starts again.....i get literally no sleep around my boyfriend.....and lack of sleep makes me kinda of crazy to the point where i'm tempted to suffocate him with a pillow :shocked:
  7. I know EXACTLY how you feel!!!! That's where I was last night!!:biggrin:
  8. pillows work..I am on my fifth husband though.....
  9. :lol: :lol: :roflmfao:
  10. Nah, my current BF doesn't snore, but I heard that there are nose strips you place over your nose to prevent snoring. I think it's called breathe - ease or something like that. I heard snoring is caused from inproper air flow when breathing so those strips are supposed to enable proper air flow = no snoring! My ex bf used to snore so loud, i couldn't sleep, so i tried that on him once and it worked!

    I went online and found the product!

    It's says it does:

    *Relieves Nasal Congestion.
    *Reduces snoring.
    *Cold and Allergy relief.
    *It's simple.
    *Two flexible, spring-like pieces gently lift nasal passages open while a special adhesive holds the strip comfortably in place.
    *Size is Important. Get the Right Size for Maximum Benefit:
    *SM/MD - Fits most adult noses. The majority of adults have small to average size noses.
    *Large - For an adult with a larger nose.
    *Breathe better. Feel Better.

    Breathe Right Nasal Strips can provide temporary relief from nasal congestion and stuffiness and may also reduce or eliminate snoring. Use while sleeping, exercising or during the day.

    Good luck!
    breathe right.jpg
  11. My husband actually had a sleep study because of the snoring/apnea. He now sleeps on his side which dramatically reduces his snoring.

    Prior to this we tried snore strips with some success but retraining him to sleep on his side really helped and reduced the apnea (which can be dangerous) significantly.

    I never felt bad about having him leave are leaving myself. Good sleep is essential. Give him a snuggle, some lovin (and then roll him on his side), hopefully all will be forgiven!
  12. My husband and I have this problem. So what we do is, I go to bed at least an hour before him. If I am already asleep I don't hear the snoring (and his is bad!). Other times, I have also kicked him out of bed becaused of it. There is just no way I can sleep through that. It is so loud and sounds like he's gonna die at any second, makes me nervous too!!
  13. i've been considering getting those strips things for my boyfriend to see if they work......honestly every time i spend the night at his place i wake up looking land feeling like a crazed woman.......
  14. We do this too-- but the last 4 nights I've been ok until around 2-2:30AM
  15. my boyfriend tries to wait for me to fall asleep first, but i'm such a light sleeper i wake up the instant he falls asleep......and loud snoring is really really scary......seriously, i don't thin anybody can snore like my boyfriend, i feel like the whole bed is rattling :lol: