Kick Pleat sale - cute Chie Mihara & Rachel Comey!

  1. i was checking out the Olive Shoes sale posted by grechenscloset (, and in my attempt to come up with other photos of some of their sale shoes I was eyeing, came across - store in Austin, TX with an online shop.

    They have some fantastic deals on Chie Mihara and Rachel Comey shoes! Sizes are limited, but some of you may luck out!

    all shoes:

    Chie Mihara Lumi:

    Chie Mihara Loba:

    Rachel Comey perforated peep toe (now preselling at Anthropologie for ~275$!):
  2. the rachel comey shoes are TDF!!!! i stalked a pair several months ago till it got to my anthro, tried them on and they looked silly. but i love these:

    not on sale though :sad:
  3. AH! I hope they don't look silly on me IRL since they are non-returnable! We seem to have very similar taste in bags and footwear my dear :smile: I die a little bit every time i see pics of your Sapphire Gatsby :smile:
  4. i didn't try that particular pair on, it was the platform sandal featured in lucky many months ago. i SOOO wanted those shoes!!

    they won't look silly on you, those perforated pumps are so cute! very unique, but still pretty easy to work with.

    yay, i'm glad to have found a kindred bag/shoe spirit...i find that most of the time, my taste in both is very different from