Kick around Shoes?

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  1. I love sandals... and by sandals I mean beach bum sandals. That is all because I grew up in Florida. But when it gets colder outside and I still just want easy kick-around shoes, I always have a hard time finding something cute! Last fall/winter I ahd slide on Uggs- supser comfortable, but I looked like a man when I looked down at my feet. They were incredibly wide!!

    So I see so tennis shoes coming back in style- like converses- what do you all think about these Lacoste shoes??
    lacoste1.jpg lacoste2.jpg
  2. Probably my Puma Speedcats are my faves for just kicking around since they're so light and comfy! I've taken a liking to my Lacoste mary janes - they're a little cuter for the weekends with capris and skirts.

    The tennis shoes are okay - don't love them, but don't hate them either... I would totally look at Pumas - they're my faves for fun sneakers!
  3. Puma Speedcats or Bashy
    (even my 2 year old has little mini Bashy shoes!)
  4. The Lacoste shoes are kinda cute...I'm not entirely sure about them. I have a pair of Etnies, but I've decided recently they are a little too skater for me nowadays. I guess it really depends on how you wear them.
  5. Yea I'll have to try them on in person... I love Pumas, used to wear them all the time. I was looking for something a little different/spunky
  6. I think Pumas are super cute!!! How about a pair of ballet flats?
  7. Tod's? I know they're a bit on the preppy side, but they are SO understated yet rich-looking!

    In Hermes orange. So beautiful!
    Neiman Marcus link
  8. ^I love those!
  9. I like Converse lowtops, Vans slip-on prison shoes, and Campers.
  10. :roflmfao: LOL I was expecting you to come in here and say that! Wouldn't these be perfect with a Potiron Chevre Kelly or Birkin? :heart:
  11. Ooooh, I love Puma shoes! And those Lacoste shoes are really cute. Diesel makes some nice sneakers and stuff too. I can't quie seem to find a picture though.
  12. I love the black ones, but I'm fond of Royal Elastics for kick around shoes. They're leather, very stylish, and come in tons of colors. I have two pairs and highly recommend them.
  13. I got some really cute Lacoste leather tennies with 2 velcro closures, and I love them--also, I second the Royal Elastics comment--very comfy, cute styles.
  14. I'm a huge Puma gal myself!! They have tons to choose from...I saw a pr. on a gal today in gold and pink - woooh!!