Kiari's Collection (Coach, 1 Vintage LV, 1 Kate)


Feb 1, 2006
Hi everyone! Finally got around to taking pictures of all my collection today. I Mostly have Collected Coach Bags and accessories but I do also have a 23 year old LV Speedy which I ADORE and a Grass Green Kate Spade which was my first ever Designer bag and the color is SO yummy!:supacool:

Coach Signature Business Bag
in Black- I use this everday to take my laptop and other stuf back and forth to work. Also I have the Matching Coach Signature Lanyard in Black for my Security Badges.


Next is my 2006 White Leather Soho Bag, Sorry cant remember the exact name. This bag has been used at least 60 times so far and looks brand new!

On this bag I have my Coach white Sandle Key Fob

2005 Signature Scarf Print Tote and Matching Wrislet. Now this does get dirty, its like a darn swiffer, but it does also clean easily. Im so in LOVE with Pink and brown.

When I decide to wear Blue I use this cute lil Signature Demi in Opal I have added the Coach Daisy Charm to it. Oh and the matching Mini Skinny in Opal. This was my first Coach bag ever!

I fell in love with the Pleathered Leather after I got this wristlet, I then had to buy the Swing Pack. This stuff is so soft. The Swing pack is great for hands free shopping!

AND My latest purchase (Yesterday!) The Legacy Shoulder Bag in Whiskey. This thing is smooth! I have been eyeing it forever it feels like and Finally let myself get it yesterday.
My Sunnies Clip Key FOB and Monkey Key FOB plus my only jewlery Item from Coach, Gold on Gold 1/4 inch Brangle

My Entire Coach Collection



While taking pictures I almost forgot about my Cell Phone Lanyard

My first ever designer bag was this Green Kate Spade Sam, I just love the color of it, it is so energetic. I had to bring it away from a window to capture the color on film.


And Last but Definately not least! My 23 year old Louis Vuitton Speedy 25!!! She comes out for special occassions:heart:

Here is the Date Code, older models didn't have a tag like they do today. It is just stamped on the interior side under the pocket. February 1983

Thanks for viewing my collection!
kiari: Your collection is beautiful! I LOVE your speedy and usually they don't really turn my head! Also love the scarf print tote (my second compliment on it!) and your little white sandle on your white bag! Thanks for sharing with us!
Awhh,you have great taste! I love your Coach bags! I have a similar pebbled swingpack bag :yes: I'm really digging that white leather soho bag! I love white purses! I also want to comment how you kept the speedy in an impeccable condition! Cant believe that is 23 years old!!!! **Classic**
WOw, your collection just made me think about going out and getting a scarf print tote. It is beautiful (I love pink and brown too!). How do you clean it?
As much as I would LOVE to take credit for keeping my speedy up I cannot. I bought this beauty from I have owned it for about a year. This was seriously one of her FAB finds!!!
WOw, your collection just made me think about going out and getting a scarf print tote. It is beautiful (I love pink and brown too!). How do you clean it?

I spot clean it with just water. If that doesnt work I use Ivory liquid soap watered down. Really though it wont get messy if you care for it, I DO care for mine but I carried it a lot last winter and just rubbing up against the car it picked up that salt/snow/dirt mix. But it washed out very easily thank goodness!:yahoo: