Kia Ora from a Stranger....

  1. Hi Everyone!!!

    Guess who's back??? :graucho: ME!!! :yahoo:

    I just wanted to say a quick HI to all the new members and to the old skool-ers... What do you say? I left ya in the dark!!! :sad: I'm super sorry if some of you wondered where I went! I missed you guys!

    I'm back now and I'm ready to have some good ole fashion purse forum fun!!!

    *NOTE: to the B-Bag Mods - the B-Bag Forum looks fricken MINT!!! :yahoo:Just love whats been done!!! :love:
  2. WOAH!!! HELEN! Welcome Back! :flowers:
  3. Hey Cal :nuts:

    Are you back in Aussie??? Hmmm, maybe I should come and visit! hehehe! Weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee... Travel!!! :yahoo:
  4. Welcome back girl!
  5. Hi, welcome back!
  6. Yep, in Perth!!!! Lucky me, I get to lick the windows of Cult Status!

    Where have you been?
  7. Glad to see you back Helen. Yes the BBag forum does look amazing. I thought your thread was about a new car model or you'd won a car or something. LOL. One of my catchphrases is KIA SEDONA!!! (minivan) b/c there is this woman at my work who thinks she awesome and drives a kia sedona. LOL