Khaki vs Chocolate???

  1. I'm on the hunt for a chocolate or khaki City or First. But I'm curious which colour you ladies think will be more versatile??

    I love the chocolate more, but I want something that will also look good when I wear black and grey colours.
  2. Either one. I think they are both gorgeous. I really like some of the truffes that the girls have gotten but I have also see some beautiful olive browns. Are you referring to this season's colors?
  3. Khaki was actually a 2004 colour, so it would be difficult to find. But I saw someone with it and it was amazing and a really great neutral. Truffle could be a good alternative, although it is more brown than khaki.

    Maybe I should just stick with chocolate though. It is such a beautiful colour. I just worry that it might look weird if I'm wearing black:shrugs:
  4. Today I wore all black with a very dark chocolate bag (BV)... nobody laughed or pointed all day. ;)
  5. Thanks for the reassurance. I know I'm being silly! I think it is just because I know I can't buy multiple bags so I want to be sure that I don't have any regret.

    Now I also have to decide between Twiggy and First!
  6. I am also on the hunt for a chocolate day/city. I love the color and I think it would be just fine if you were wearing black. Good luck on the search!!
  7. I probably shouldn't mention this in case I suddenly make up my mind about which style I want, but someone posted a chocolate city in the achtung balenciaga section.

    Good luck if you decide to go for it before I do;)
  8. Two thumbs for a chocolate or truffle Twiggy! Sorry no pic of the chocolate (I'd love to see one) but here is a truffle. tempt you!
    (3) Balenciaga - Twiggy (Truffle - 06) - 1055.JPG