Khaki Paddington - Versatile Enough?

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  1. I think that Khaki is gorgeous! Thing with Khaki is, it is not a garish green (which could limit you), khaki is an earthy tone (which is why it is used in camouflage - look who I am talking to!!). What I am trying to say is, Khaki is just as versatile as brown, in the respect that it will blend in with your wardrobe and complement whatever you are wearing.

    One note of warning though - I wouldn't advise your carrying it onto the parade ground. Can just hear you now: "But Sarge, it is military issue colour" :roflmfao:

    p.s. my son is home from Afghanistan now - and driving me nuts!!!!
  2. Thanks lace - I guess I couldn't see what it could go with, all I could see was it was cam coloured! I'm not exactly a style icon anyway - I wear black boots and carry a brown handbag so I guess I can wear black boots and carry a khaki handbag.

    Glad to hear your son is home safe and I bet you're loving him driving you nuts.

    Ooooo I wish I could get away with wearing it to work, that would be hilarious and so much better than issue handbag :nuts:
  3. I have the khaki from '05 in the medium paddy, AND the large paddington hobo khaki from '05 as well. IT'S GORGEOUS!!!! What more can I say??? :yahoo:
  4. Its a great colour, and a fab price.

    If you love it, I would go for this one for sure !
  5. "Issue handbag" ???!!!!! Are you kidding me? You simply must post a pic of that!! :roflmfao:
  6. Here you go I get to carry this monstrous bag everyday - Lucky me!
    Issue Handbag.JPG
  7. thelace- you are soooo funny! Everytime I read some of your posts, you always have me cracking up! I have to agree with thelace- Khaki is beautiful! I was trying to get my hands on one, but lost out. I think it would be perfect for you - so Go For It! (that is if it is authentic).

  8. If you check her feedback, she bought the bag from a seller in China, I think its fake
  9. I am absolutely sure you wouldn't have it any other way.:yes:

    God Bless to him and all his colleagues.
  10. Be VERY careful riffraff - check the feedback and where this bag came from :yucky:

  11. ITA :yes:
  12. Aw, I am so touched. I just popped in - to see if that issue bag had been posted (wow, what a beauty!) - and I see some lovely posts about my son. Thank you all so much.

    I can honestly say that his 6months in Afghanistan were the most stressful in my life. He saw so many horrific things and 2 of his friends died whilst he fought to save them, alongside the medic. I promised myself I wouldn't nag him ever again!!. But, 2 weeks after he'd been home, I was at him for making a mess and hogging the shower with his girlfriend! :sad:

    You guys are so great. I can tell you that this place got me through the last few months of his deployment.

    p.s. riffraff - why are you even looking at Chloes, when you have that iconic piece of arm candy to hang proudly from your arm? You could always attach a scarf to it for evening-wear... :roflmfao:
  13. Wow thanks Pamella! Though my dry wit has got me in trouble a few times - I have a problem with knowing when it would be inappropriate to say what is on my mind ;)