Khaki / Olive

  1. Does anyone know whether the khaki colour is in fact the same as olive? Or is there a subtle difference? I was just wondering :idea:

    thanks :flowers:
  2. Hey hulahoop - the olive and khaki are different. The olive is a lighter green than the khaki which is a harder, darker army-khaki colour. I have the olive Phoebe, if you look on the pic threads there's a pic of me modelling it which will give you an idea of the colour.

  3. Hulahoop - I'm not too sure as l recently purchased an olive pheobe and have had my box of Mulberry goodies delivered today and the khaki somerset tote is amongst them. I will compare and must take some photos and post on of the Mulberries l now possess!!!!
  4. Wow thanks for the quick responses!

    Gtomad that would be great if you could post a photo.

    I phoned shepton today to see if they had any blenheims, they said they *might* get some in in khaki, which is why I was wondering whether this was like olive or not. I would hate to eventually buy one and then not like the shade but not be able to return it.
  5. I've found that sometimes the outlets refer to Olive as Khaki. I'm not sure the Blenheim came in khaki, tbh. I think it was out at the same time as the Phoebe, Elgin, Roxanne, Rosemary etc so the Olive season, rather than Khaki which, afaik, is a new colour. So, my thoughts are that it would be Olive rather than Khaki but get them to look at the label to confirm.
  6. Actually dita that makes sense :tup: I've only ever seen khaki in the someset - tumble grain I think? I'm no expert, but I'm sure the blenheims were mainly darwin, glove for the summer colours, and poss glace doo dah . Sure I saw one ages ago in that scrummy plum antique glace whatjamacallit. Technical term - really can't remember the proper name :rolleyes:
  7. Ooh might be promising then, as I do like the olive but was a bit suspicious about potentially ordering a khaki not having seen one irl. I might have to keep hassling them then...