Khaki Love Mm Tote!pics!...and Shoes!

  1. I dont think Jill is in love with this tote.The letterin on it looks...............CHEAP.Whatcha think????
    Here is my new shoes..THOSE I FREAKIN LOVE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. [​IMG]
  3. [​IMG]
  4. Jill~ I have to agree with you on the tote...But LOVE the shoes...can I borrow them?:graucho:
  5. The lettering reminds me of mylar balloons.....LOL....weird.......I dunno..Lets see if I like it better later..Hmmmm.......eek.
  6. Definetly love the shoes. Is this the largest size tote? I'm going to have to see it IRL. thanks for sharing.
  7. This is the MM..the middle size one.It was 675 US DOLLARS
  8. ^^ That was what I was thinking! LOL! Keep thinking on it you and twiggers need to talk :yes: she is not sure about the color.
  9. awh i dont think it looks cheap...its like the same material used for the miroir bags. do you think the miroir bags look cheap?
  10. the letters on it are PUFFY!LOL..Its kinda cheap lookin....I swear....
  11. i saw it irl today, i liked the smallst one, very cute.
  12. Hot Shoes! I Love The Bag But I Like The Lvoe 1 Set Better :smile:
  13. to be honest i think it's not worth it! you can buy an LV canvas tote with that price!!!! look at the neverfull!!!

    but if u like it, go for it!

    btw, those shoes are HAWT. serious! and i love your toes...oops i mean nail color on toes......WHAHAHAHAHAH.
  14. maybe the letters won't stand out too much in ecru? but if you don't feel 100% about this bag, its a sure sign that it's not for you. those sandals are hot. looks great with your red toenails :yes:
  15. I am in love with this bag... it's soooo cute!!!!!!

    I like the shoes too. I don't often say this... but you have pretty feet!