Khaki Jimmy Choo Ramona Bag?

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  1. Does anyone own a Khaki Ramona and able to describe
    or post some pictures of IRL color :confused1:

    What does it go with? How does it compare to
    Chocolate? ;)

    Did you see it and not like it?:sad:

    Did you see it, buy it and :heart: it?

    Thanks for your help :jammin:
  2. I had a khaki Ramona that I purchased in October. If you do a search, you might be able to find my pictures. Also, I think the reference thread has a picture. Unfortunately, I had to sell mine due to an emergency situation to raise some funds for my grandmother, but I am eyeing one right now on eBay that I hope to win since I miss it terribly :smile:.

    It's a great mossy green color, and goes with a lot, surprisingly. I know a few other people own it here on the forum and have had positive things to say about it.
  3. Thanks SuLi :yes:

    I hope you get another one since you sold yours for such a unselfish reason. :heart:
  4. Thanks for your kind comments! I had a chance earlier this year when it went on sale at Saks, but I missed out. I think both the chocolate and khaki are great neutrals.
  5. I have the khaki ramona and love it! It is a great neutral.

    Jjimmy Choo Ramona and Small Tulita.jpg
  6. I think Samantha's picture is a good representation of the color.

    It seems more brown than green usually.

    Here is mine outside, with the green grass to contrast the color.

    This one makes it look a bit more green than it normally does.

    Here is one indoors, with brown jacket and tights to show contrast.
  7. Thanks for all of the pictures :yes:

    Great Color! :nuts:

    I may go for the other one that is missing the dust bag.

    Wish me luck :wlae:
  8. Good luck! Let us know if you win it!
  9. Good luck chicbags and congrats Suli! I hadn't read you parted with your beloved khaki but that was so dear of you to make that sacrifice - looks like your reward is on its way!

    I agree this color is surprisingly stunning - as hooked as I was on chocolate I find this color so versatile! I took mine shopping Saturday and no kidding, at each store the handbag SAs went absolute ga-ga :drool: I am too.
  10. LOTS of luck if you decide to purchase the bag. Be sure to post photos if and when you win:graucho:
  11. This color really looks great.