Khaki/Gold Carly

  1. Opinions?? Would this make a better spring/summer bag than the Khaki/beet Carly??
  2. I LOVE it! This one is for sure on my list.
  3. I think it would be beautiful for spring/summer!
  4. Me too!!!!! I LOVE metallics....especially on Carly!!!!
  5. Ohhh I love that bag! Perfect for the spring/summer!
  6. I saw this today and it is soooo beautiful! It will look great.
  7. I think its a great summer bag! I just got it about a month ago, and am in LOVE and AWE of it! I stare at it all the time :love:

    I say go for it! I can post pictures of it if you'd like!
  8. I think it's beautiful too! :yes: I think both would be great in the summer though. :tup:
  9. i;m partial to the gold stuff...the beet seems more fall to me
  10. I love it!!! perfect for spring/summer.. heck you can wear it all year for that matters!