Khaki First- gorgeous bag

  1. Unbelievable price for an '04 bag! Good luck, LoriB!
  2. i can't believe no one has snapped up this lovely bag! someone will be getting a great deal...
  3. I know. I think that is a stunning bag. If it was a City or Twiggy I would have snapped it up in 2 seconds at an even higher price. The color and leather on that bag are just TDF. :drool:
  4. :whistle:

  5. Alright you guys finally got me to enter in. I have not posted before, but am new member of about 2 month plus. I have only purchased the city and the box previously, but am interested in the first. Question? Is it going to be too small for any kind of daily use or is it better for evening? (Previous bags have been purchased from BalNY) Have not purchased off E-bay before.
  6. The First holds a little more than half of what the box holds, I would say. So if you do not stuff your Box full, you would probably be fine with the First. The City is much larger than the First. Hope that helps, and welcome!
  7. Thank you very much. I also love LV and have many of the hard to find bags from the last few years. My daughter lived in NY for several years and got me hooked on LV and the last few years on Balenciaga. I live in Minnesota so both are not easy for me to obtain, but as you all know (we manage to get them don't we?) :jammin:
  8. ^That we do!

    Gorgeous bag, LoriB! I really hope someone who will love it dearly gets it!
  9. Lori B, I love your purse, and I would have already bought it if I didn't think I need a larger one. It's such a pity this is not a city.

    I :heart: love:heart: that leather and that color so much! This color is so wearable! And the purse is in such mint condition!

    Why isn't it a city:sad: ?!?!?
  10. LoriB, I love your khaki B-bag. I am in Singapore though..... My DH will be very upset if I buy yet, another expensive bag... but....Xmas is just a few months away....
    I guess I am facing the same dilemma as many of our tpf-ers here....

    Just a personal question if you don't mind LoriB.... Why are you parting with such a beautiful bag? Anything in particular that you don't like about it? I am really educating myself here as I never have a B-bag before. I have been looking at pictures of the first VS the city, and for some reason I find the first more attractive, even if I am normally a bigger bag kind of person.
  11. The link above is to an old listing. I relisted and sold the bag already. But thanks!

    By the way, the only thing I didn't like about it was the size. I needed a bigger bag.
  12. Thanks LoriB, hope your bag goes to a good home. She is lovely.