Khaki First BIN $699.90

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  1. i have the khaki city. it truly is a gorgeous color irl. it's similar to olive, but i actually prefer it over the olive. it's richer and deeper. this is one of the most under-rated colors. it really has it's own personality and is so versatile.
  2. why why why... *sniff sniff* all these great prices on bbags, when i told myself i'm on a ban...
  3. This is a great deal. Anyone know what year is it for this color? Has anyone purchase anything from her? She is in HK, kind of worried
  4. ^^^I've purchased quite a few LVs from her - no problems at all myself.
  5. According to ateliernaff, it's f/w 04.
  6. yep, it's an 04. the leather is super thick and smooshy.
    i've bought from this seller before too. fast shipping and no problems.
  7. I've purchased from her and find her nice and reliable. She's not always the quickest to respond to everything as I expect she's busy with multiple great listings and constantly receiving multiple inquiries. But she sells authentic and does a good job of disclosing and capturing details of the bags. I trust lvlady. I'll buy form her again without hesitation.
  8. ^^ yummy bag gals, i love green :love:
  9. i love khaki.... wish it was bigger :P
  10. Yes, I know what you mean. I love the look of the first, but not the size.

  11. Sigh... me on purse ban too!! :smile:

    Like yr new avatar:P
  12. I love that color! If I can't get the Purse bag or Twiggy bag I am after in a sale that starts on the 27th, I'd really like to bid on this one.