Khaki/Ebony for Spring and Summer?

  1. I am really falling in love with the Legacy bags in khaki/ebony, and I'm thinking about getting either an Ali or Shoulder Zip bag in that combo. Do you all think that the khaki/ebony is OK for the spring and summer months? I already have a Leather Slim Flap in White (looks like an Ali, but a bit smaller) which I'm currently using and was planning to use for my main spring/summer bag this year. Opinions, please. Thanks!
  2. I think the khaki/ebony combo is neutral enough to use year round. I love the contrast on that bag!
  3. I think it would be great for summer,if you tied a colorful
    scarf on it or got a summery charm. It is such a classic bag and you will be able to use it all year.
  4. I agree with everyone. That bag can be used year round and adding a colorful scarf as seamusmom suggested would make it even better. It's a beautiful combo. I'm typically more into the leather bags but I'm dying for something in the khaki/ebony signature combo just because it's so gorgeous.
  5. i totally agree its such a great combo that is good for all year!!
  6. I agree with everyone also. I think it would look good all year round.
  7. I really want something in this color combo too, it's a great contrast! I think it would look good any time of year!
  8. It wouldn't be my first choice for Spring, however I do love the bag!
  9. I purchased the khaki/ebony legacy zip and will carry it through spring. I think it's such a classic beautiful bag and color combination that it wont matter.
  10. I've been "saving" mine for spring and summer! Keep in mind, though, that I typically carry black all year so my opinion might not mean very much. :p
  11. The khaki/ebony color combo is classy and classic in both of the styles. The color combo goes well with both black shoes and brown shoes. As long as you LOVE IT and enjoy it thats all that matters. :yes:
  12. i have the khaki/ebony shoulder zip and i :heart: :heart: it! it was my first coach, a gift from my boyfriend. I have used it almost every day since september. it fits so much stuff in it!
  13. A very nice choice for Summer/Spring in my opinion. I'm thinking about it for myself too! :smile:
  14. I *love* that color combination! Finally looked at those bags closely today and they're so pretty! Love the black/brown combo and it could be used year round!
  15. I love the khaki/ebony color combo. I have that color in the Ali and I think it's great for year round use. :yes: