Khaki/ebony...anything New Coming Out For Fall Winter In This Color Combo???

  1. I am TOTALLY in love w/ the khaki signature/ebony black trim handbags!!!! Does anyone know if this color combo is coming out in any other bags besides the Carly? The Carly, unfortunately, didnt work for me so I am on a serious hunt for this color comb w/ an adjustable shoulder strap if possible...any ideas?
  2. So glad you asked this question!!!!! The khaki\ebony is also my favorite color combo as it goes with anything I would wear!! Hope we get an answer!!!
  3. I was wondering the same thing. Since I have to wait until after christmas and the Ali in this combo most likely won't be available, I was wondering the same thing. Handbaglover posted some awesome pics of the new catalogue. There is a bag in there with 3 turnlocks and looks like the back of a pair of pants in that color combo but I don't know how crazy I am about it, I would have to see it IRL and I think it is close to $800 !
  4. I would LOVE to see the signature stripe tote in this combo!!! Can you imagine how awesome that would look???? I cant wait to hear if anyone knows if anything else is coming out in this combo....
  5. Aside from Carly, the new catalog also has:

    Legacy Shoulder Bag Signature
    Legacy Satchel Signature
    Legacy Signature Wristlet
    Legacy Bags: Gigi Signature Tote
    Leigh Signature Pocket Flap
    Signature Patchwork Belt with Lace

    as being available (all in August except the belt) in Khaki/Black.
  6. Yep what Ferret said!

    I am leaning towards the Carly in this combo.
  7. Oh yeah, this combo is back! My two favorites are these....


  8. There is a khaki/ebony Carly on eBay already! Here is the item #140129448954.
  9. OMG! Darn you for filling my head with visions! LOL!
  10. Yep, I'm a sucker for the Khaki/Ebony color combo. I know own the following in this combo: Legacy signature satchel, Signature Ali, Large Signature Carly and Legacy framed french Purse. I'm sure this won't be the end especially since I've seen the new catalog!!!!! Oh my credit cards!!!