Khaki Crossbody with Pear trim??

  1. I just saw this on another thread, and looked on the Coach website for any other styles with Pear trim.....didn't see any. Does anyone know if there will be others? I love the pond color, and chambray trim on the Carly bags, but love the Pear for a change. Thanks for any info!!!!

    Although I think my husband will divorce me if I put any more bags on my must have list!!!:o)
  2. no, i have not. but could be interesting!
  3. It is cute.
  4. I wish they'd do a pear trim on another bag too. I like that color.
  5. Cute color, but I don't really like the signature print (please don't throw stones at me!!). Hopefully they will make all-leather bags and accessories in that color! :drool:
  6. I would definately love to see all leather stuff in that color. YUM!