Khaki/Crimson Signature Stripe SwingPack?

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  1. Hi all, would you happen to know if they have swingpack in khaki/crimson? I fell inlove with these style and would like to get the whole set (hehe-in my dreams). But yeah, did they ever had it in that color?
    I searched the net and all I found were the reversible tote; [demi, top handle pouch] -not sure if these guys are available in store; and the wristlet which I got was they said the last one, but I'm happy :smile:.
    Anybody knows? TIA!
    10124_BKHCM_d2.jpg stripepouchB_crim.jpg stripedemiB.jpg sigstripeB_crimson.jpg
  2. I was able to order the khaki/ crimson swing pack in Sept. Call the 800 # and ask or order from your local boutique. Good Luck!
  3. Thank You! I called my local boutique the ff day I posted this Q and she said it is not available anymore.. I'll try the 800# then.
    Thanks again!