Khaki color 2004

  1. I wonder if some of you might have First or City or any style in Khaki color 2004. Is it a popular color? Do you mind posting the pictures, please? I would like to see what the color looks like.

    I might have an opportunity to buy the brand new one in this color in the First. I'm surprised to hear it's brand new as well. :blink: I'm not sure if I should buy it since I can't see the bag before purchasing (it's in another country).

    Also, how much do you think this bag should cost me?

    Thank you very much for your help. :P
  2. Can't see the bag before purchasing?? That's sounds quite fishy to me.. Couldn't the seller send you a whole lot of pics first?
  3. dont buy it without photos. absolutely not a good idea!
  4. Oops, I think I forgot to tell more details. I'm sorry. :Push:

    I live in the US and my mom lives in Asia. My mom helps me find the bag. I teach her via online on how to spot fake (walked her through atelier website :P). She inspects this Khaki 2004 for me. Everything is legit, code, silver plate, buckles, bales, etc.

    However, she didn't bring the camera to the store that day and I'm not sure if the store will allow her to take pictures. So I wonder if any of you have this Khaki 2004 that you can show me.

    I actually asked her to find me Mustard Yellow or Anis but she found this Khaki instead. She also found used Calclaire purse and Olive city.

    Thank you for your help. :flowers:
  5. here the auction number of a bag i recently won...khaki camera is not working for me to take pictures but there are some on the auction ..the number is 6887635644[​IMG]

    i love the color in real life and the leather is very smooshy!
  6. wow that's a gorgeous color!
  7. varsha624, thank you so much for your reply. So the color is dark green right? Very pretty. Do you think it will look pretty in the First? :shame:
  8. luvpurse, it would look great in the first. see if your mom can take pics. what is their return policy? i would definitely find out before buying. it makes me weary to buy a bag that i haven't seen if there is a no return policy. yikes!

    btw, can your mom adopt me.:girlsigh:
  9. The khaki color is beautiful - it's a medium green with golden undertones. Also, the leather is divine! :smile:
  10. yes, just like mimi said an army green with golden undertones....very neutral and i absolutely love the color in the weekender and am sure it will look good as a first Good luck and post pics if you get it!
  11. absolutely beautiful...look at the squishy leather. i wish i could squeeze it! :graucho:and from a great PFer, so you know the bag has been well taken care of!:girlsigh:
  12. Thank you, LP, esile, varsha and byMimi. :flowers:

    byMimi, your bag is awesome and it's brand new!!!! Wow wow wow!!! Goodluck with your auction.

    I'm debating now if I should get this bag or wait for my dream bags which are mustard yellow, Anis and new mustard 04 that we just find out. :girlsigh:

    I would love to experience 03 and 04 leather that you all love... :love:

    Sometime, I want yellow bag so much at I want to scream! :hysteric:
  13. Mine, mine, mine! Mimi's khaki 04 is MINE! I am so excited! I had never even seen this color until I saw the pic of her bag, I love the way it changes in the light, just like ink does.

    I sold my caramel box so I could afford another bag. I thought I wanted one of the new fall bags. Now I know that I should be looking back in time instead of forward, since deep down I don't really love the new bags. I like them a lot, really. But my heart doesn't skip a beat for them

    My heart is going crazy over this khaki!!!!!
  14. eeeee! I'm SO excited for you Lori, you're going to flip over the color and leather -- the 2004 bags were INCREDIBLE, trust me - seriously amazing!!! :love: