Khaki/Chocolate Carly Pics

  1. Okay, several of you have asked me to post these pics so forgive me if they have been posted already, I have been out of town since Wednesday. Unfortunately I ordered this but after getting my leigh I won't be able to keep her so I will probably just sell her. :tdown: The chocolate color is beautiful and rich though... had to share the eye candy!!!!

  2. wow, I really like that:yes: I can't tell if I like the bronze or the chocolate more!!!!!!!!

    Thanks for posting the pics
  3. no problem :tup: I almost ordered the bronze but decided on the chocolate.. it is so rich and warm, and I wouldn't worry about the flaking.. but the bronze looks beautiful too!!! :yes:
  4. I just love the way the Carly looks but I hate the fact that there are sooooooooooooo many fakes out there that it makes me not want to have one! I feel so sad, oh well for now I'll be enjoying my Legacy Shoulder bag.
  5. I got to see one of these last week and it is really nice. I think the chocolate looks great with the khaki fabric.
  6. It's lovely! Thanks for the pics!
  7. It is really pretty. I like this khaki/chocolate combo.
  8. Very pretty. You should keep them both. :whistle:
  9. That's really gorgeous! Congrats!
  10. I think the color combo looks great! I think it's great how many combos Coach has come out with. I am sure that they can come up with more!
  11. NICE!!! I love that contrast!
  12. What a gorgeous bag, thanks for posting these pics! I'm sorry you can't keep her :sad:
  13. what a gorgeous bag! I have 3 Carly's and would totally get another one! I'll have to wait to see it IRL but yours is beautiful!
  14. i TOTALLY want this! it's gorgeous!!
  15. lovely. great choice