Khaki cabas owners: The bronze coating...

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  1. is coming off on the back of my cc charm. I was inspecting my bronze charm to see if there were any scratches on it and noticed that on the back of the charm at the top right corner, the bronze coating has come off. Underneath the coating, the hardware is gold toned and can only be noticed if inspected closely. It almost looks as if the charm has oxidized. If you think of the charm as a clock, the coating is coming off between 12 to 3. I racked my brain and finally figured out that the coating came off exactly where the charm brushes up against the metallic leather. The metallic leather is pristine, it's just for some reason when the back of the charm came into contact w/the leather, the coating rubbed off. The front of the charm is fine and the back is not obvious unless you look closely to see where the bronze and the gold meet. I considered returning the bag, because I consider this to be a manufacturer defect, but decided not to because the color is too beautiful and the rub-off cannot be seen unless the charm is turned around and you are staring at it under bright lighting. My SA did offer me a refund or store credit, but I am keeping the bag. I absolutely love this color, there's no other like it, and like I said it's not obvious unless you are scrutinizing the back of the charm. Just wanted to give the khaki cabas owners a heads up just in case you noticed it and wondered what could have caused the bronze coating to come off. The charm hangs onto the metallic leather, and the interaction between the two either caused the coating to rub off or become oxidized. It's a small price to pay for such a beautiful bag. I thought about sending it in repair, but opted not to because I don't want to wait for months for my bag to come back and the same thing will probably happen again anyway if it's recoated.
  2. I don't want to sound silly and paranoid but between what you've just posted and the other PFers reports of stitches coming undone after only a few times of use I feel like taking my Khaki BC back to Chanel:s . I haven't used mine yet and I already found this loose stitch on the handle:wtf:


  3. I haven't had any problems w/the stitching on my black which I have used almost every day since Oct or my khaki. It's just the back of the charm that has lost some of it's coating. If you have any reservations, take it back. It's too much money for the bag to fall apart after just a few weeks. Like I said before, you can barely notice the coating problem and the rest of the bag is pristine. If the stitching starts to come apart though, I will definitely take it back no matter how much I love the bag.
  4. I don't own one, but from all the threads started over problems with the baby cabas I am really in awe that chanel would make a bag with such poor craftmenship, especially for the price!!
  5. It's very sad and disheartening to hear about the problems people on this forum are having with such high end bags! :sad: Is it just me or is the quality of alot of the bags becoming not worthy of the price? I just think for how much these bags cost there shouldn't be problems like this. I wonder if they are trying to keep up with the demand and not taking the time for the quality?

    Ok, off my soap box now! **steps down** :shame:
  6. clk55girl Sorry to hear about this problem! Have you had any issues with the coating coming off of the charm on your black Cabas? Just wondering if this is only a problem with the bronze hardware or universal to the Cabas charms. Also, some PFers have posted that the black leather on their Cabas is getting scratched easily. Since you have been using your bag the longest, have you noticed any damage to the leather? I have yet to use my bag and the quality issues posted are worrisome. TIA!
  7. Thanks Valerie! I have not had ANY issues w/the hardware OR the leather on my black. I think because it's just silver and the khaki's charm is coated w/the bronze. I believe that it's the combination of the metallic leather along w/the coating on the khaki, that's causing the rub off. I have used my black cabas almost every day since oct and believe me when I say USED it. I don't have a single scratch or mark on the black and I am not easy on that bag at all. The leather on both the black and the khaki are pristine, and the black cabas has been abused.:shame: I haven't had any issues w/stitching yet, but we will see. Use your bag normally and if it starts to fall apart, ask for a refund! :yes:

  8. uh, that sucks. I haven't used my bag yet but even when these bags are like brand new in the store, I already saw some tears, cuts and leather peeling off in some area on the leather strip that wraps around the metal chain....And now I hear problem about the charm! I really love the bag on me, but with all these problems I don't know if I should take it back......But you all know how much I love this bag....
  9. I am so happy to hear that you haven't had any problems with the black. I really LOVE this bag and want to be able to enjoy it without worry. I guess you are right that if anything goes wrong I can always return the bag. I bought it from Nordy's and they are very good about standing behind their products. Thanks again for your help!
  10. hikaru: wait a little before you return it because you had to go through so much trouble to get that bag! Enjoy it for a few weeks at least.:smile:

    Valerieb: you are very welcome. ;)
  11. u know, I actually took this bag out and used it for the 1st time today, I must say I do love it despite the little tears here and there on the leather strap, at least the body of the bag looks PERFECTO and it looks hot on my shoudler, so I am keeping it. Besides, I am thinking, if anything ever happen to the leather strip on the shoulder strap, they can replace it with a new piece of leather strip right?
  12. ITA! I think it can easily be replaced. I am loving this bag more each day, it's such a stunning color.
  13. ^^I finally got mine but haven't worn it yet. Certainly will have it on this week....I'll let you know if I notice anything. If it does bother you, I'm sure Chanel will fix yours --and this sounds like a quick fix.
  14. Congrats! Hurry up and use it, you will love it. I'm already over it! The color of the bag is so striking that I don't even care anymore. :yes: I won't even have them send it in for repair because I couldn't bear to be without it for a few months.
  15. Oh no...what's wrong??? With the problems mentioned (the charm /stitches on the bag coming off..etc)...I'm kinda glad I didn't manage to get mine.