Khaki Cabas Owners, am I paranoid? But....

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  1. now that I look at the leather at the back of my cabas more closely, I see this bump/bubble (the one I circled) that looks like the leather swells. Does your khaki cabas look like that? On both back and front sides I do see small bubbles (the leather is not completely flat), but not as big as the one I circled (hope you know what I mean). Is this just the way the leather is, or (I start to worry that) did this piece of leather have water damage prior to being used to make the bag (or even prior to being dyed since the bronze color is so even throughout the bag and there are no watermarks found on the leather either).

    Once I put stuff in and carry the bag the bump/bubble is not obvious at all (and this is the back side facing my body when being carried). But do you think the leather is damaged? Or just the way it is by nature?? :confused1:
    DSC01798.JPG DSC01799.JPG DSC01800.JPG
  2. ^ I dont see anything abnormal and I have 2 cabas bags..I think its just the way the leather looks!
  3. Jill, so yours have these bumps/bubbles too? Ah, my Dh scared me and said that could be water damage when I told him I noticed these bumps. He said try to return it if i could (I have used it once), maybe he said that coz he wants me to return (he doesn't like me spending $$$ on bags, though those are the $$$ I saved for my fashion fund...). He tried to trick me!!!
  4. Bad, bad husband:sneaky::push: . Seriously, my Khaki BC does have that similar look so I wouldn't worry;) . Enjoy your beautiful bag:yes: !!

  5. Ah, thanks, relief!! i knew it, my DH always trick me like that!
  6. lol im glad it turned out ok.. enjoy ur bag :smile:
  7. I think that is the way the leather is supposed to be. Mine is the black original one and it has all kinds of worn parts all over it. It's distressed leather.

  8. totally agree.:yes:
  9. Ditto, and at first, I was thinking bad bad hubby, but he might have really thought that and was trying to be helpful. Maybe....