Khaki(Bronze) Luxe bowler: deerskin or goatskin?

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  1. Hi guys! i have a question, i saw this khaki luxury ligne bowler on ebay , however the seller is unsure as to what sort of leather it is, the color itself is Khaki.I am not sure if that is considered a metallic bronze or just plain bronze as it looks quite muted. I have been researching the threads, and found out that deerskin is the preferable one, so if anyone can shed some light as to whether the bronze bowler is a deerskin or goatskin that would be really helpful! thanks.
  2. you didn't post a picture
  3. Yup, definitely the deerskin! I love my black one; the leather is super durable!
  4. It looks like the deerskin version....gorgeous bag! I saw this bag at Saks 5th Ave./NYC last night, so it's still available through stores if you want to get it that way (instead of ebay).

    I felt the deerskin leather on this bowler and the black deerskin on a black luxury flap -- the black deerskin felt a lot more softer though. Wondering if this is a characteristic of the metallic finish?....leading to not-as-soft material (compared to the black deerskin)?
  5. I think you're right foxy. The black is non-metallic which lends to the softness. A metallic finish will result in a stiffer leather.
  6. hi everyone, thanks for your help. Well so do you think the bronze deerskin will lose its shape soon due to that stiffness of the leather? will there be so-called bumps and waves on the leather itself if i get the bronze deerskin as opposed to the black deerskin?:confused1:
  7. I think you'll be fine with the bronze deerskin. It is definitely not as stiff as the goatskin. The goatskin had no "give"; it wasn't flexible. The deerskin is flexible, even in the metallic finish.
  8. :nuts: Is still available in store???
    What colours there are??? Only bronze??

    Btw, is goatskin really stiff? Not as nice as deerskin?? :sad:
    I want to get a luxury bowler, but if the leather is too soft... then it will lose its shape? Isn't it?
  9. Khaki bronze bowler was available at Saks 5th Ave./NYC's Chanel as of last night -- unfortunately they didn't have any bowlers left in black deerskin, which is the version I've been looking for (if anyone sees the black deerskin bowler still in stores, please let me know!). Give them a call; ask for Alexandra.

    IMO the deerskin material suits the luxury bags more -- it's so so soft, yet deerskin is also quite durable (much more so than lambskin).
  10. i have this bag in the black deerskin and LOVE it...the leather is so soft and durable
  11. OMG:shocked: plzzz get it :drool: TDF:heart:
  12. I love the luxury bowler! I was in Chanel Soho today and they had the 2 new colors (dark silver and a metallic bronze), the SA said it was for spring 2007. The leather felt so strong on these, more so than the deerskin ones. I wonder if it's a different leather or is it just treated differently? I also want a black one but the SA told me they are all sold out...