khaki bronze baby cabas still available anywhere?

  1. hey ladies,
    has anyone seen a khaki baby cabas in stores anywhere? i've seen this bag irl but it looks great in the pics here and i am thinking of getting one. i see a few on eBay but would prefer to buy it from an actual store. has anyone spotted one lately?? tia!
  2. I will be returning mine to the Nordstrom Topanga store. PM me if you'd like my SA to hold it for you.
  3. can i ask why you are returning it ocgirl? is it as stiff as everyone says? if you have any modeling pics or pics at all, i would love to see. tia!
  4. me too -- how funny! the SAs there must be like, what the heck? fyi, i returned mine because i didn't love the khaki color -- too dark for me.
  5. are you also returning it to the same store? can i ask when you will return it and store's number? thanks!
  6. I saw a sa carry one out of the closet at the Beverly Hill Chanel last Sat. It wasn't on display & I don't know if she was selling it. She walked out with it then walked back in.
  7. thanks bagsforme. i just called and they said they were all out, i guess that was their last one.
  8. Oooh i hope you get it's also on my wishlist but i think i'll have to wait until next year to get it.