khaki (bronze) baby cabas avail at nordie topanga

  1. this is what happens when you get on several waitlists for a HTF bag, but there's one on hold under my name (larkie) for 24 hours if anyone would like to get it from Nordie (free shipping). Pls call Loan at 818 884 7900 x 1255. Good luck!
  2. Larkie, what is the retail on this bag?
  3. hi! it's 1995
  4. Is this still there? My friend desperatly would like a Khaki cabas! Please let me know

  5. Hi soni, pls give Loan a call. Even if it's not available she could prob still locate one for your friend. Good luck!
  6. You are soo kind thanks - i'll give her a call !! :tup:
  7. Haha Larkie, your action of putting yourself on different waitlist does benefit TPFers a lot! Keep going!
  8. ^hehe, now i wish i'd gotten on more. there are still a couple of tpfers looking for this bag :sad: