Khaki baby cabas on hold for me--any takers?

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  1. Just received my call for the khaki baby I have been waiting for but I have another on the way...please pm me if you want it and I can give you the phone info!
  2. OOH OHHH me!! thanks! How big is it anyway?
  3. I'm getting one soon, hopefully, but so sweet of you! I'd be all over it! Hope you get it weibaobai~ you should look at the reference library to get an idea of size.
  4. Hi there,
    Please call Jillian at the Chanel store--561-622-2055 please tell her you are calling for the Khaki Coco Cabas on hold for Stacy. Please let me know that you got it! Call today!
  5. did you get her? I hope so!!
    Gals, I may have a lock on another one!! Anyone need one?
  6. Hey! Why'd you changed your username?? Inquiring minds wanna know!! (nosey) You're evil for tempting!!
  7. My evil twin took over!!:P
    actually, I posted a thread on it in the main forum. when I first joined here, I had never blogged before and didn't realize that I would be known as my id (I know, I am super technoimpaired). Anyway, Macp6 was just a bit too boring so I decided to kick it up a notch!

  8. I hear ya. I am a blog newb too. I like your rockin new name. And just to take it further OT, as a newb, can't it get so catty in here? Sheesh - nice to meet nice peeps! Cheers 2 u fellow "chic"!
  9. aw, stacy, it's so sweet of you to think of other PFers! i hope someone from here gets the khaki!
    ^whistlerchic, where are you referring to? i feel like all the gals in the chanel subforum are such lovely people! i haven't seen anyone be catty, and even if they disagree, they are always civil!
  10. Oh I totally didn't mean the Chanel Forum!! I LOVE it here, you ladies are just lovely and kind! So OT - it was another thread I started on C-mas charity work, one poster ruined my day :sad: . No no! Not here! ;) cheers!
  11. Glad to see you were able to make a contact at that new Palm Beach Gardens store! You must have been close to the top of the list too! :yes:
  12. ^^ Yes!! Thanks so got the bag!! I am so happy for her!! :heart: