Khaki Baby Cabas IN STOCK!!!

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  1. I just picked up my khaki Cabas tonight at the NM in San Diego. They have another one on display!!! Free for anyone to pick up!!! The bag looked fine, just one panel was a little "veiny" but nothing terrible. The price is $1795. If you're interested, give the store a call in the morning. Their number is 619.692.9100. Call and ask for handbags, ask for Debra or Suzy--they're both nice. They can sell Chanel items. Calling and asking for the Chanel Handbag department can be hit/miss since the SA isn't always there, but you can also ask for her when you call for handbags--her name is Mariela

    Good luck! Post a reply if you get the bag!!! Hope she goes to a tPF'er.

    One more thing!!! If you get the bag tomorrow--Friday, 12/8, you can get double points on your NM card. And if this is your first "in store" (non-online) purchase, you get a bonus 1000 points!!! That's 4590 points! Just 410 points shy of hitting 5k for a $125 gc!
  2. I'm bummed I missed the Incircle Party - I couldn't get a babysitter. Congratulations on getting your khaki cabas Wicked and the awesome incircle points!!!
  3. ^^You didn't miss too much--the food was "ok"--nothing "amazing." I actually prefer Nordy's Customer Appreciation Nights. Plus you can still get your double points tomorrow! I also heard that Mariela is getting a huge shipment of jewelry and a number of other bags tomorrow.
  4. Whatever happened to the awesome Incircle parties? The first one I went to was about 5-6 years ago. They had lamb chops, carved turkey & roast beef, shrimp, sushi, Godiva chocolates, mini souffles...I could go on & on. Oh! Also a martini bar! It went slowly downhill from there. The last one I bothered with was 2 years ago and was an "airline " theme. Sandwiches (not good ones! - really like airline food) & roasted peanuts in bags. Bottled water and almost the worst wine I've ever had. My girlfriends went to this one and said I didn't miss a thing. I want the old parties back!