khaki baby cabas available

  1. My Tysons Corner SA has shipped one out to me :yahoo:. She is getting more in so if you are interested, pls call Indra at 703 847 0264. She might be holding one more under my name (Larkie) for tpfers. Good luck!
  2. ldldb, can't wait to see the baby cabas in khaki! Pls. post pics when it arrives!!!
  3. hey dragongirl--you are the one who's also looking for the dark silver small wallet right?
  4. yup, that's me! I think i have bad news about the small reissue wallet though...I literally just hung up with my SA here in TO and she told me that the shorter reissue wallet is "useless". She said that although it doesn't look small from the outside, there are only 3 card holders inside and you have to "fold" your bills because there isn't a full-sized slot for them!

    I'm so disappointed and hope that we're not talking about the same wallet! But she told me that the reissue wallets only come in 2 chances are, she's right:sad: What are we going to do now???
  5. OT: Dragongirl, how much is the small reissue wallet?
  6. ooh that's bad news about the small one looks so big too. maybe i'll have to try to find the large one and see if i can make it fit :graucho:
  7. mrs. sweet, I didn't even bother asking how much the small wallet is after she told me how impractical it is...:tdown:
  8. oh! i'm afraid the bigger wallet would be too big for my 226?
  9. Congrats on your baby cabas!!
  10. the larger one seems a lot more practical, but it is quite bulky. Which bag do you want it to fit? I need it to fit my 226 & 227 reissues and although it'll probably fit into both, I won't be able to put much more (makeup case, cles pouch) into my 226 after i get the large wallet in there.
  11. i could use the big one in all my bags except for the small flaps, but i'm using a small wallet now. I just love the color of the dark silver so was hoping to capture it in a small wallet if i'm not keeping the reissue bag...sigh. but what a pain to have to swap wallets every time i change a bag. maybe it's really not meant to be for me to have the metallic reissue. oh well!
  12. How much the price of Baby Coco Cabas now if you don't mind i'm asking ? Coz here cost about $2200 :sad:
    I was wondering whether they would ship internationally ?
  13. It is 1995USD plus tax. You would have to ask Indra about international shipping. She's working on it with another tpfer who's trying to get it sent to HK. Good luck!

  14. Thanks a lot !!

    I will try to contact Indra then.. :yes:
  15. Thanks ldldb, I got it! Can't wait to see it!:wlae: