Khaki Baby Cabas Arrived!! *pics*

  1. Hullo everyone! Just wanted to share the good news that my khaki baby cabas arrived!! Yay yay yay!:yahoo: I brought her to work (she fits all my papers!), then out for an OcktoberFest party. Not sure if it was my imagination, but I thought there were rather a lot of ladies looking at her. :lol:

    I want to say a special "THANK YOU!" to Aurora for all the advice and help in getting my baby. :flowers:

    Modeling pics coming soon!!

    Research note: Khaki baby cabas' are not available in Singapore and sold out in HK. But anyway, it is cheaper to call the States and ship one over. It only takes a couple of days to arrive!
    IMG_0630.jpg IMG_0634.jpg IMG_640.jpg
  2. Congratz on this great find! :tup:
    Modelling pics plz...
  3. Beautiful bag and lovely color. Congrats!
  4. Hey, you're up early on a Sat morn. :sleepy:

    Congrats on your new Chanel!!!!!!!!!! You're more than welcome ;)
    So happy for you. She looks beautiful, enjoy her and show us some modeling pictures!!!
  5. I love your Teddy Bear pic!
  6. Congrats! I saw the khaki cabas at NM last week and was surprised at how gorgeous it really is. Pics don't do it justice. I'm picking mine up next week! :tup:
  7. Congrats on your new bag! love that color:tup:
  8. Great bag! :smile:
  9. Shes PuURtty!!! Enjoy her... I have the black one.. and love it! Oktoberfest... I'm sure they have them all over... just thought I'd ask if it was the one in Alpine Village in the South Bay area?
  10. Congrats:tup:
  11. Congrats, love this bag!!
  12. Congratulations!! Gorgeous bag; I'm now waiting for my black to arrive!
  13. congratulations! i'm sure it wasn't your imagination. i own a black one but i do double takes when i see it on someone else.
  14. Congrats! Awesome pickup.
  15. Gorgeous, congrats!!