Khaki Baby Cabas and large black Baby Cabas available!!

  1. Hi ladies. :smile: An SA I've bought from in the past called me to let me know that she just got a Khaki Baby Cabas ($1995) and a large black Baby Cabas ($2195) in today!! :nuts: I'd love to pass this on to a pfer who is looking for either of these! :heart: Ask for Vina at the Las Vegas NM Chanel boutique at 702-731-3636, and please tell her Minal sent you. :smile:
  2. omg!!! i so want the large black baby cabas but i can't make the call. i'm in singapore, oh mannn..... :hysteric:
  3. Did your SA in Vegas has the reissue 227 or jumbo?

  4. Aww, I'm sorry you can't get the Cabas ladydeluxe... but I'm sure you'll find one in Singapore! :tup:

    shopgirl bb - Hi there. :smile: You might want to give her a call and ask... I literally bought one bag from her, but she's very nice and calls me from time to time with new stock anyway. :smile: I usually buy bags at the NM closest to me, and occasionally boutiques. :smile:
  5. it's been sold out? singapore doesn't have any goodies.... sigh... i'm actually buying more from NM in the US now! waiting for my sunnies (larkie has)!!!