KG Pretty Things P&J

  1. Well, I hope it works this time. I got the pictures back of my two new frindge bags. I am also showing some of my other LV treasures. The shelves behind the suitcase are so over stuffed I have no more room.:crybaby: I just can't bare to part with any of my bags. No matter how old. I only use them for a few days at a time and then change to a new one. So they are all in great shape no matter how old they are. I had to pack up alot of the older ones and I did sell some of my old Coach bags that I didn't use anymore. But the high end designer bag I could never sell. I had to get some of those plastic drawers to make more room. If I was a little more organized it might make a difference:sad:. Most of my bags are LV, but I have alot of Chanel, Fendi Gucci and a few others. I will add more pics as I go. I have them all in pictures for insurance coverage. I love buying a new bag. There is no feeling like it when I go to work and everyong say "OH Is that a new Bag". I just love it. Well enjoy
    My new speedy frindge. The are both noisey and a little heavy but they are so cute it don't even matter.
    I got this multi color journal in Tampa a few weeks ago. I thought it was an ajenda becasue that is what the sales men told me and when I got the inserts they did not fit. So I had to go and buy the ajenda.
    This is a EA I got in LA duty Free coming back from Vietnam Last month.
    This is some of the multi color wallets and some new stuff.

    My trusty LV carry on. This is the best carry on I have ever had. It fits exactly what I need to shower in Tiawan and change clothes and also fits my larges laptop to boot. It is a great suitcase.

    I got the D & G for Christmas. I love the dangling letters.

  2. You have a lovely collection! Love the franges!

    ps. you can return the journal if its been max 14 days (and has no wear)
  3. Lovely pieces, I adore the mini ecllipse!
  4. I'm going to venture a guess and say that you like the fringe line? :smile: Thanks for sharing!
  5. Wow, nice collection KG. :heart: :heart: the fringes, lol, so cute. Congrats on your new stuff.
  6. gorgeous collection, so many LVs! :love:
  7. Here are some extra things that would not fit on the first

    Above is my closet. It is a mess. I have so many bags and I just can't get rid of them. I have hundreds of them. I will post them when I find the other disks with the pictures. I had to log them all for insurance purposes. My most expensive bag is a LV for $7100.00 It is more of a winter bag. I just took a liking to the Hermes so I am looking for a new Hermes to buy. That LV carry on the best travel bag I have ever had. It fits everything I need for a trip out of the country. I don't know what I would do without it now that I have it.

  8. wow, nice collection u got there..
  9. Aw wow- love the pretty! I hope you get to put up more pictures of the rest of your'll have one of the largest on the site!

    And I see you like Hello Kitty? You are awesome!:P
  10. mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm Vendredi Agenda... :heart:.
  11. Beautiful!!
  12. beautiful collection!
  13. I am a Hello Kitty fanatic. I have as much Hello Kitty stuff as I do purses. I try to buy unique things. I buy alot on ebay from a guy in Japan. He has unique items. I am trying to go to Japan. Hello Kitty Heaven. Thanks for being a fellow Hello Kitty lover.
  14. amazing collection! wow!
  15. Holy cow that is a lot of Louis Vuitton !