KFC Offers Jennifer Lopez VIP Chicken

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  1. Jennifer Lopez is set to hold a VIP after-show party at a KFC fast food restaurant.

    The 'Do It Well' singer, who reportedly "can't live" without the mouth-watering fried chicken on tour, has been offered the chance to host an "all-access" "feast" at any one of the US eateries after her concerts with husband Marc Anthony.

    KFC President Gregg Dedrick wrote in an open letter: "We would like to offer you, your entourage and a few VIP guests an 'all access' pass to the KFC location of your choice. You have a bucketful of choices for 'after-party' locations because KFC has more than 5,500 restaurants across the country.

    "Hearing about your fondness for KFC was music to our ears, so just name the time and the place and we'll open our doors to you for a post-concert feast."

    Jennifer and Marc, who are reportedly expecting their first baby next spring, are big fans of KFC and often request a bucket of chicken in their riders.

  2. KFC...eeewww... Sorry, but I personally think KFC is nasty. Way too much grease.
  3. That is so funny! I must admit... I like KFC on occasion.
  4. 1. Is she really pregnant?
    2. If so, KFC = not good for preggos.