Keyword Spamming??!!

  1. Erm....

    Apparently i've been keyword spamming on a Mothercare boys T shirt for £1.50.:wtf:

    Your listing(s) has been removed as it contains the following information:

    As New

    That's it? OMG LOL:confused1::nuts::sweatdrop::cursing:
  2. Well, i'm mad so i just wrote them an email.

    Please would you clear up some confusion for me? I came down to 'my eBay' this morning to find that a MOTHERCARE BOYS SHIRT had been removed for KEYWORD SPAMMING. For saying that the item is AS NEW? When it actually IS as new? I am not keyword spamming, never have and never will. I always write my own words. Take my own pictures. This, in my opinion, is absurd. I now have the inconvenience of listing the boys shirt at a grand total of £1.50, again, assuming, i am not allowed to list the item in it's truthful state, which is 'as new'. How therefore, am i supposed to word, 'as new'?
    Please would you kindly explain this idiosyncracy, or put the item back up for sale?
    Thank you.
  3. If you do a search here you will find many threads and posts on this issue
    Good luck
  4. ^Yeah.
    Apparently they think it's keyword spamming because when people search for "New ___", your item will pop up even though it isn't "New" by their standards (i.e. in package with tags, etc.).
  5. take out the word new.
    It frustrates sellers that are honest, but it's more frustrating to buyers who use the word "new" in their search when they're only truly wanting NEW items, not LIKE new items.
  6. Yeah, i guess - thanks for the help.:smile:
  7. Did you get a response from the bay? They have the lousiest customer care.
  8. This happened to me once too for using "like new" in a listing, I didn't know any better. Just relist without the "as new", try using "mint condition"
  9. I had like new in a title a few weeks ago. When I went to submit a warning came up that said if I did not change it it would be considered key word spamming. Change your title. I changed my title and have not done it since. I like EUC..which means excellent used condition. Anyone who has been around for awhile seems to know what that means.
  10. What is the animal? Whatever it is it is cute!
  11. They seriously have nothing better to do...