Keyshia Cole~The Way It Is.. on BET!

  1. She has a very unique powerhouse voice, and just love her music! I was flipping through the channels and, where have I been, she has a reality/bio show on BET! I've caught up with some episodes and what a tale! After watching some episodes, I have a newfound respect for her, aside from her music! :tup:
  2. Darn it! Did the second season start?? What day is it on?

    I think she has a fantastic voice. I do realize that she is who she is because of where she came from BUT why can't she get a decent stylist or hairdresser at this point? She is making money she should dress the part. No need to be tacky i.e. white leather pants she likes to wear. Can't Puffy or Diddy or whatever he is calling himself this week, help her out? Seriously, she looks more "Flavor of Love" girl, than an possible star.
  3. ^^yeah you missed it. It's on Tuesdays at... 10:30? She has certainly came up since last season (car, house). She moved her mom and sister in so I imagine there is gonna be drama this season. I like her. She seems like a cool, real chick.
  4. i never knew who she was until she sang that song (i forgot which one, the ballad) I am in love with that song, it is so heartfelt. BUt her style needs work, her hair needs help she has beautiful skin. Loving her eyebrows! i am liking the show. I do not like seeing her mother on tv- she kinda grosses me out.
  5. ^^I agree with the eyebrow thing... great brows!!

    I love this show. Watched the last season and was so excited to watch it last nite. It looks like this season will be good as well!
  6. looks like lots of drama going down on the next episode :confused1:...
  7. I am so hooked on this show and have been watching back to back episodes on BET. I was crying like a baby when her mom and sister were speaking at the women's shelter :crybaby:. Yes, I went out and bought the CD because of the show. She has a stunning voice. I love seeing all the LV and Chanel she wears on the show! Neffie's kids are so beautiful. This is unlike any reality show I've ever seen.
  8. ^^did you see the season finale? This has to be the one reality show that is not scripted. Can you even imagine the producers telling them what to do or say?! :boxing: They give new meaning to "keeping it real" This family has alot of problems. I hope they can heal from their troubled past.
  9. I thought she was okay until she refused to go onstage recently at a concert. My BF watches the show, and I've seen a few episodes. She's pretty and has talent and all, but the show is a bit boring to me. I LOVE looking at her purses, though!
  10. I still wanna know why she bought Frankie some teeth and none for her foster father!?!? Did y'all see his mouth?!?! I love KC, but she needs to dump Frankie & Neffe if they're as ungrateful as they were portrayed.
  11. I actually like this show. She is the only thing holding that family together. So Sad.
  12. I know, right? They expect her to do everything for them and when she says no they pout like children. It's good that KC has a good head on her shoulders though because they sure don't.
  13. that show was rather..odd

    but i love Keyshia Cole!! I am a big fan. her music is absolutely divine!! lol

    out of all the family members, Keyshia seems to be the level headed one (well she is bringing home the bacon)
  14. I can't understand why anyone would want to have their family on TV behaving the way they do, and where are the rest of Frankie's children? Keyshia didn't seem to connect to well with the other sister and brother, they didn't show much interaction between them at all.
  15. The finale was intense but there was a lot of love there at the end. As far as the Columbus concert no show there apparently were issues going on between Ne-yo and R. Kelley that affected Keyshia.