1. What do you all use to carry your everyday keys on? Right now I am using the Amanda valet and have been for quite a while. I also have the keyring with the single Jack Russel with the red sweater on it and the one with several smaller Jack Russels and the little hang tags. That one though has lost all but 2 of the little dogs so I am retiring that one :sad: The one with the big JR has all of my store discount cards. I really like the skini's but they are kinda big for every day keys. I'm just getting bored with the Amanda. I need a change.
  2. I actually got my mother the valet key so when I'm home and need the car (still hammering out the details on my own) I could just the car keys and her house keys without all her unattractive keys and those mini key cards.

    As for me I have them on the coach metal flip flop that came out last line, as well as a conversation hearts but I use that for a cell fob instead. I also have the westie celll fob, but since its white its just to keep. I think just clip my flip flop or my mothers key onto my cles.
  3. I'm using the Signature Stripe Punch mini skinny.
  4. I have and LOVE my Return to Tiffany's heart tag key chain.
  5. ^^I've been thinking about getting the compass one. But if I want to kiss the train goodbye, I need to focus on my car fund!
  6. i use my amanda valet AND my mini skinny...
  7. i'm looking at the tiffany ones now...i wonder if that valet one is better? or maybe just the return to one...hmm.
  8. Mine are currently attached to a fossil keychain, although I'm contemplating buying a stripe punch skinny mini.

  9. If you get the return to Tiffany's one that looks like a horse shoe shape with two balls. I have some advice. Once you put your keys on it take a little bit of clear nail polish and put just a little tiny bit on the end then screw the ball on. This make a seal so the ball won't come off as easy. Also I pushed my two balls together (I know that can sound funny if you just read that sentence alone) I know a few others that do not do that and have lost the ball on the end. I have never lost my ball and I have had it for over 5 years now. My husband has also never lost the ball on his either.

  10. good advice!!!! i was actually planning on buying that one on monday!!!!!! :smile: im excited wohooooooooo!

    Right now i use this silver key chain i got from india, its cute but kinda falling apart :sad: sucky sucky!! and two prada ones, one high heel shoe and one heart :smile: hehe BUT i cant waitttttttttttttttttt to get that one! andddd i want that comic one from coach :wlae:

  11. I use the Coach Women's trigger snap keyfob. I got it in pink at an outlet last year. I love it. It looks perfectly onto the rings on the inside of Coach bags, so I can always find them. Also, I hook the keys onto my belt loop a lot when I'm carrying things up from the car.
  12. sounds like too much work, lol.

    do you have a pic with your keys? before i order anything, i want to see how it looks (i'm horrible at visualizing)

  13. Of course, I would be the one to go back and read that sentence

    Right now I'm just using my sorority keychain because I can't decide which one I want......trying to wait to see if the outlet has any that I like next weekend.....
  14. i have the multicolor hearts and stars key was at the outlet last year.
  15. i have the amanda valet, and i keep my house/work keys on one end, and on the other end, i have my car key (the alarm/beep fob thing is built into the key), and my car key is on the enamel snaps fob. when i go anywhere, i leave the amanda valet with my house keys in my glove compartment so i don't have a bulky set of keys.