Keys wrecking Vernis??

  1. Ok, so I like having my keys on a key chain, and I am looking into getting a Amarante Agenda and am wondering... Do any of you have problems with the keys dinging or scratching the vernis material?? How do the vernis agendas wear? I thought that a darker color would be good for color transfer (even with the finger prints :smile:) But now Im worried about my key wrecking it. Anyone else have problems with keys vs. vernis? haha..
  2. i think i saw on a thread somewhere that people didn't have any problems with keys on vernis. I suggest doing a search?
  3. i think i read somewhere that when keys are pressed against the vernis like when theyre in your bag it leaves a dent in the vernis. i forgot which thread i read about it though.
  4. Ya i tried searching for threads but I cant find anything, i keep getting errors..
  5. Nope, I toss my vernis cles around with keys attached, no issues.
  6. I have a vernis Armarante key holder and I also carry a pomme agenda and have never had a problem with the keys scratching any of the vernis.
  7. great thank you! now I dont have to worry about which agenda to get! I can get the one I love :love:
  8. It should be fine!
  9. My keys have never been detached from my bronze cles, for almost four years now- Its been tossed around not only inside my bag, but inside my pockets, jeans, jackets, car etc. Not a scratch. Vernis, is not as delicate as it seems, you'll love your new agenda!
  10. No problem and I use a pomme 4 key holder.
  11. I have a Pomme Pochette Wallet which has a few 'dents/dings' from keys, so I purchased a Damier 6-key holder.
  12. I've had a pomme zippy wallet that I've been using daily since the beginning of this year, and it doesn't have any scratches, but I have to admit I baby it a little. I make sure that I put anything metal or sharp in the side pocket where it won't make contact with my wallet.
  13. Ditto, I also have my pomme agenda banging around in the bottom of my bag, no problems so far.