Keys in your bag

  1. Hi everyone,

    I was wondering if you all leave your keys at the bottom of your bags? I notice a lot of you have these nice light colored accessories in your bags and wondering if the keys dirty your light colored stuff? My wallet is dark so I don't notice anything.
  2. It depends on the bag I'm using. My LV Denim Speedy f.e. has this great zipper pocket on the front. I keep my keys in there - so they don't scratch anything AND I find them easily. I usually try to keep my keys away from the rest of my stuff, mainly because I don't want anything to be scratched.
    I'm thinking about getting a small accessory where I can put my keys in...
  3. Well I usually have so much junk overflowing out of my purse that when I throw my keys in there they cant even sink to the bottom LOL But my wallet is dark colored anyways and if I'm using a bright colored purse I make sure to wipe off my keys just in case.
  4. i keep the stuff i need at hand in the front compartment, i hate bumbling around int he dark look for that kind of thing.
  5. i also bought thsi cute fortune cookie pink brocade little thing to put coins/keys in to protect the inside of the bag.
  6. i put my keys in a little cosmetic pouch, then put it in my bag.
    i baby my bags too much.
  7. I usually keep my keys in my hand because I'm paranoid that I'm going to lose them.
  8. I always drop them into an interior pocket, but mostly so I can get to them quickly!
  9. Yes, if there's an interior pocket they go in there. Otherwise, my bags are a black hole with keys never to be found, hehehe
  10. i keep mine in a wapity. i have sharp ass keys and they have in the past teared a hole in the lining of my bags. mostly the ones with nylon linings.
  11. I have a MJ key pouch which does the job.
  12. I never really thought about my keys damaging the inside of my bags. I tend to just toss them in with the rest of my stuff. Sometimes when I am thinking ahead I will put them in an inside or outside pocket. The inside of most of my bags seem to be made out of a fairly sturdy material so I havent noticed any damage. I think putting them in a small pouch would be cute but too much of a hassle for me to get them out of. This is faulty reasoning on my end though because I know that spending ten minuted digging around the inside of my bag cant the easiest.
  13. i have a key holder, so my keys don't dirty the inside of the bag. i usually just put it in the bottom of the bag, because most of my bags don't have enough pockets for my keys anyway.
  14. In the summer (when I don't have a full set of school keys (I'm a teacher) I usually keep my house and car key on a mini skinny so they go inside it (my car key also folds inside itself). However, quite often I lazily just throw them in with the mini skinny attached. My other rarely used keys (safe deposit box, storage unit, etc. are in the glove box of my car) I am thinking about trying to find a small pouch for my school keys this year because they do mess up a purse. Maybe even one of those silk fabric "pockets" like they have at Cost Plus or Pier One?
  15. i have a key chain from Hayden Harnett that I really like
    I just clip mine to my bag or to me. I know you can find this style in other designers. my brother has a coach that is very similar.