Keys for LV lock #310?

  1. I bought a speedy with a lock and no keys. Does anyone have a spare key for lock #310 or one I can borrow so I can at least get the lock off?

    I would send it right back if someone had one I could borrow.

    I've been searching on eBay with no luck!
  2. sorry- I have #311 and 312.........
  3. I dont but if i find one i will let you know
  4. Doesn't LV open them for you, if you need it?
  5. You should be able to get a key if you go to the boutique. They just need the lock number.
  6. ^^Really? I called 866 and they weren't able to help me.
  7. What kind of a speedy is it? If it's a regular speedy then they should be able to get a replacement key for it. Just tell them you lost it. I don't remember if it costs anything. But if it's for the MC speedy, then I'm not sure.