Keys can't fit into Dior chain wallet

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  1. I have car keys and house keys. The house keys are attached to my access pass. I can't fit my keys in my Lady Dior Croisiere Wallet. Is this normal? I can only put my iPhone 6, cards, cash and coins. I thought it would fit my keys but it wouldn't. Any suggestions?
  2. This is normal, because at the end of the day, the Croisiere wallet is meant to just be a wallet rather than a pouch.

    If you just bought this, then I suggest perhaps exchanging for the Miss Dior Promenade pouch which can fit a lot more.
  3. +1.

  4. Thanks for the advice. I live in Malaysia and I bought it in London so exchanging is not an option.
  5. This is a longshot but does your car have an exterior key pad? I can leave my keys in the car's glove box, if need be, and use the touch pad with my code to get in. I'm not sure how many cars have this feature, but thought I'd mention it. Otherwise, you'll be limited as to where you can use your new WOC.

  6. No, my car uses a regular key and a remote control.
  7. Maybe buy a bag charm and stash your keys on there?

  8. That's a great idea but it wouldn't look nice though