Keys and a lock for the Keepall?

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  1. I know this may be a stupid question, but... Do keys and a lock come with the Keepall? Because I first purchased a Keepall 45 that came with 2 keys and a lock which I later exchanged for a Keepall 50. I only realized at home (today) that they didn't provide the keys and lock for it?

    If it should be provided.. Could I just go to the LV store and ask for it? I mean, I would not have to pay for it, right? But then again what if they assume I'm lying about not receiving one and need some sort of "proof" that I never got it. KWIM?

    AHHH! :confused1:
  2. Yeah they're provided, have you checked the pockets or inside your shopping/dust bag? Usually, they're inside the pocket.