Keyring/keychains? I want a swanky one - know of one?

  1. What does your's look like? I'm jonesing for a new one. . . mine is pretty generic now. What do you carry?
    Know of a great one to share?
  2. Swanky, right now my keys are very unlady like.. :huh: I have an orange horse shaped caribiner, and a Texas Longhorns burnt orange bottle opener. :shame: Maybe I should be looking for something more lady like?? Those are left over from my crazy college days! I like this Coach one..or I am just a sucker for cutie gold fishies! I am interested in seeing other PF ladies ideas too!
  3. I have a Tiffany valet key ring with a squeaky Keroppi toy and my initials in Coach charms attached. I got DH the key ring for a present last year and loved how useful it was, so I picked up one for myself. As a bonus, it's not one of the Tiffany silver pieces that have been faked left and right.
  4. Mine is a thick band made of plastic that says "I took and IQ test and the results were Negative!".

    Hehehe, my man has a gorgeous Paul Smith naked lady silver keychain. too hot!
  5. Have you tried looking at the Coach website or a Coach outlet? They have really cute ones.
  6. I have the LV keycase and I absolutely LOVE it - it is the perfect size for my keys, atm card, some cash, my gym card and my three keycards - to the tanning bed, the gym, and my gas speedpay. I keep my car key and keyless entry control outside of it for quick easy access...
  7. My current keychain is a "Koziol" snail (the one with the green body/blue middle). It was only about $12.00...dunno if it's quite swanky enough, though:roflmfao:


    Never tried popping in a photo before - works swell!
  8. Mine is a red vernis LV key cles. I think it's pretty darn swanky!:graucho:
  9. That Coach Guppy Fishy is so adorable! lol... suddenly have the urge to splurge on it ;)

    I think someone posted a bunch of Etro keychains available from Elux a while ago, those were pretty swanky
  10. I agree with Freetoes, check out Coach's Web site for cute key rings! I just bought one on Sunday, it's very cute (and swanky! :P ).
  11. I have a YSL horn keychain (it matches the Mobassa bags). Every time someone sees it - they have a shocked "What is that look". If it's a guy, I tell them it is a cow p***s. I love the look on their face!:lol: :lol:
  12. I have a sterling "valet" keyring from Tiffany & co. My car keys are on one end, and my house and office keys are on the other end. I can unclip those from my car keys, for when I need to leave my car with a valet or at the garage. Or for when I need to heat or cool the car while I lock the door to my house.

    On the body of the clip, I have my initials hand engraved on one side, and my personal motto engraved on the other. I love it and have never lost my keys. The keyring itself is currently about $140 ($95 when I got it), and the engraving was about $100 extra. But I'll use it for the rest of my life.

    It's just like this one, but without the engine turning, just flat sterling, and with the hand engraving as I described:
  13. YES! I love it, I am so glad I'm not the only one! And they have a matching coin purse... So completly cute! Someone stop me!
  14. mine's the LV Panda. it's all tanned and pretty. hehe.