keyring clips do not fit as bag charms

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  1. i am wondering if mulberry know that their clips do not fit their bags i have a printed oak ledbury and would love the little croc as a charm to hang from my bag but the clips are not big enough and do not open wide enough any suggestions? i was thinking of a leather thong or something but cannot get a colour match and why should we have to pay to display when they are costly enough to start with x:tdown:
  2. Can you take the clip off and just use the ring, or would that not work either?

    Just wondering as I would really like an animal keyring to use as a bag charm!
  3. My enamel mini Bayswater didn't fit on the Bayswater but the leather seahorse keychain was fine. It just needed a bit of forcing but it does fit :yes:
  4. It was this that put me off getting a mini Bayswater keyring. What's the point in a bag clip that doesn't fit the bag? I know you can force the keyring open and attach it to the bag like that, but I'd be too scared of it snapping shut and damaging the bag whilst I was wrestling with it :sad: