Keykey36's Collection of Goodies !!

  1. Here we go !
  2. My Cabas & La Fab Bag too DSCN05310001.JPG
  3. Better angle of 4 MJ's
  4. Vintage Gucci & Wallet !
  5. Very pretty, keykey! Your collection rocks!
  6. Lovely collection !
  7. Beautiful collection :smile:
  8. Keykey I love it!

    Can we see a close up pic of your Chanel tote's? :nuts: You're teasing me w/ the far away pic. :smile:
  9. Great Collection !
  10. KEYKEY!!! I love everything. Your Gucci "Noe" is TDF! If you ever need a new mommy for it you know my addy! LOL

    Such nice taste!!
  11. Thank You everyone, so sweet:heart:

    I LUVBAGS, Here is a closer look at the Chanels, Left: Black Quilt Backpack, 2 Totes....
  12. Oh yeah my shoes: Chanel light pink thongs, LV Right flip-flops & LV Clogs
  13. ^^^^Your totes!!! :nuts: I love them!!

    I want them. Give then to me now:lol:

    Seriously thought they are beautiful. great taste. Is that the grande shopper tote on the left? What color is that? Beige or Camel/Tan?
  14. Sorry Guys, cannot forget my baseball Chanel hat. Every gal needs one!
    :yes: Geez, I realize I have another Chanel Bag & I.Fiore Bag too!
  15. I forgot my other Chanel because it was on the handle behind the door, didn't see the guy!