keyholders: which brand has the cutest and most functional?

  1. recently i've been interested in getting a keyholder. I'm going to an LV event tomorrow and was super interested in the amarante or white multicolore 4 keyholder (if they had a 6 keyholder i'd die of happiness)

    But then.... i decided to take a sneak peak at the Gucci website and thread and the Chanel accessories thread and saw.. maybe.. not as cute but more useful ones. the Gucci ones have 5 prongs and a circle keyring (nice) and i hear chanel has a place to put cards (LV doesn't have these things)

    Can anyone help me discuss which of the 3 better and why? Also, if there are any other cheaper or cuter keyholders? (i also only know the prices for LV and Gucci, not Chanel, which are around 150-215US and 150-ish respectively)

    1. White multicolore LV 4 key
    2. Amarante Vernis LV 4 key
    3. the inside of a cambon chanel keyholder
    mc4keywhite.jpg amarante4key.jpg chanel4key.jpg