keyholders on japan site coming to the US this sept?

  1. does anyone know the release date? (and price?)
  2. Since you have the item number, I would call JAX and see if you can order it. I just ordered the new Legacy hippie which is only on the Japanese site. Its worth a shot.
  3. OMG please let us know if you can order it - I want one of these!!!
  4. I just called and unfortunately they don't have the all brown available which is the one I wanted. But they are $98 and the lady said they have punch, camel and black (I think there was another but can't remember) available now.
  5. someone else should call cuz the lady I spoke w/was horrible!! She def sounded like she DID NOT want to be at work today!
  6. ok got the scoop from a different nice lady this time!

    available colors:

    khaki/camel, khaki/punch, khaki/bronze, khaki/chestnut, khaki/retro camel and black

    item # 6K07 $98

    and here's a pic for those who can't open up the link:

  7. Thanks spacytracy!