Keyholders - how do you make them all fit?

  1. I have a slight dilemma about keyholders. I have LOTS of keys but those aren't the main problem. My blasted CAR KEY is the problem! It's one of those huge clunky smart keys that they have and the bloody thing is frickin BIG and THICK! how do you guys get it to fit? I don't want to seperate my keys since I know I'll lose them. Any advice? Do you leave the huge key dangling outside the keyholder or what? *lost*
  2. I would leave it dangling...but then it defeats the purpose of the holder....

    Too bad Hermes doesn't have those little cles-like items
  3. Gah, I think I may have to switch cars just to make sure everything fits :sweatdrop:
  4. k... I just recently got a keyholder... and well how big is your car key? I don't drive but my apt keys have no problem fitting into my keyholder. Chevre is soft and somewhat sketchy so it shouldn't be a major problem.
    And if you get the 6 ring instead of 4...leaves more room to put the larger keys inbetween. And if its simple house can put 2 in one ring.
  5. Wait, they come in 6 rings too? How many styles do they come in? I have a small car but damn the key is big, I think it's trying to over-compensate or something ... The size of my key is like 1.5 the area of normal keys, while it's thickness is probably around 1/2 inch thick. It's the electronic ones.
  6. Hmm... well the ones with the little "H"...they just all look the same. but some 4 some 6 rings. Hmm...I think your car key can fit!

    You can def. get ostrich or lizard...GORGEOUS!!!!!
  7. There is a fuschia ostrich keyholder at FSH... Not sure if it's the 4 or 6 key one.
  8. Kou, I stopped looking for a H keyholder for the same reason. Car key is just too fat! I did think about getting a H pouch for it but changed my mind. Just too troublesome. If you ever come across something that can accomodate your car keys and house keys as a bunch, please let me know. :yes:
  9. You know what means, don't you? Time to forgo the car. :biggrin:

    Choice between the car and an elegant H holder? Puh-lease, of course the H item wins ;)
  10. LOL! I will have to beg, borrow or steal to get a swanky new car with a slim car key or one that is keyless!
  11. I hate the way my key ring looks... I have only two keys.... car (smart key) and office door. The rest is just huge clunky stuff like remote for home alarm, hand sanitizer, a small, multi-purpose Swiss Army knife AND a small Swiss Army flashlight!! What a big clunky mess it is. I wish there was something I could use to hide it all.....
  12. Actually, I was thinking of outfitting my future car (I have an MG in mind) with a keyless system. That'd be so great.

    BF's father has a keyless one (a Renault) and it's great, you have a slim remote instead that closes the car when you walk away.
  13. "Keyless" (at least for my cars) means there's still a KEY, you just don't have to put it in the ignition. You can keep it in your pocket, purse, etc. So the chunky key problem remains! :push:

    Buuuuuuuut not to get away from the Hermes thread, I have a myriad of functional keyrings, and this one Tiffany & Co. | Item | Tiffany 1837™ valet key ring. Stainless steel with sterling. | United States a gift from my mother who watched me struggle has been FABULOUS~! It is thin enough to keep in small bags, and detaches/reattaches when needed. :yes:
  14. I'd also suggest you budget in a driver then.

    As Angelfish pointed out, keyless merely means you don't need to stick the key into the ignition to start the car, but you still need a key on/around you.

    And since you want the "swanky" car, then you still face the key problem -the bad news is that all the "swanky" marques (Bentley, higher-end Lexus, Mercedes-Benz) come with BIG keys.
  15. Then I would seriously be 'out of job' as a SAHM and have to be gainfully employed to support a chauffeur, so that I do not need to have a chunky car key, and thereby allowing myself to get a Hermes keyholder and enhance rainbow effect inside my Birkin. :roflmfao: :roflmfao:

    LOL ... just kidding.

    No chance, wong. it's just talk, I assure you. My DH wants to build our retirement nestegg. No swanky cars. FYI, I drive a Toyota MPV :graucho: